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Sean Jeremy Williams was born in Johannesburg in May 1971. He matriculated from King Edward VII School and continued his studies at Birnam Business College where he received an IMM Fashion, Marketing and Management Diploma.


Sean feels a strong connection to both wildlife and the human community and has travelled the world observing endangered species in their natural habitats. He was privileged to see Polar Bears in Canada and Gorillas in Uganda. During his time on the Galapagos Islands he worked with giant tortoises, blue footed boobys, finches and their marine iguanas. He did turtle volunteer work, in both the Maldives and Costa Rica, at rehabilitation centres, helping with turtles that have been caught in “Ghost Ropes” and plastics in the ocean, from fishing and plastic pollution. This changed his life and made him want to do something about stopping plastic pollution in the oceans. A dream was born in him to see where and how he could help to make a difference in both wildlife conservation and in our human community. Profits from all his ventures are donated to various charities and causes such as the: Siyabonga – Helping Hands for Africa; Kitty and Puppy Haven; The Society for Animals in Distress; The Cheetah Outreach Trust and Ann Van Dyk Cheetah Centre – Dewildt, to mention just a few.


Guided by his dream, Sean established the SW Living Creatures Trust in which he is actively involved. The SW Living Creatures Trust has thus far adopted two Rhinos, a number of Cheetahs, a Wild Dog, an Egyptian Vulture, a Gorilla, a Polar Bear and a Cape Vulture. Sean also actively supports a breeding program – the Anatolian Sheppard Dog Project. Through the SW Living Creatures Trust Sean visits schools, to educate our youth about saving our planet and recycling. Through his social media following and awareness of plastic pollution, he has had over 1000 eco-bricks donated. These eco-bricks are then used to build various everyday items like bar counters, trash bins and any other creative thing he can come up with.


As an avid cyclist, Sean has competed in cycling events all over the world. He ranks the ABSA Cape Epic has one of his favourite races. In his passion for cycling the Live Life Always brand was born. Life Live Always manufactures cycling and leisure shirts. Each design is dedicated to either an endangered species, our planet, forests and oceans. Cycling is such a popular and visible sport; it made this the perfect platform to create awareness about our planet.
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His online store Natural Co. sells products that are eco-friendly and socially responsible, all with an innovative twist. The Live Life Always brand are sold exclusively on the Natural Co. website.




“When I decided to open up my own company, my determination and ability to convince people to believe in me is what has made SW Living Creatures Trust, Live Life Always and Natural Co. successful.
I strive to be dynamic, passionate and efficient in everything I do. I come from humble beginnings and believe that because I took chances, I created the opportunities that got me to where I am today. I have a passion for life, and it shows in everything I do. With a positive attitude and outlook, I continually look for new opportunities to challenge myself. I strongly believe in never giving up on anything – in business or in life. If you decide to do something, as soon as you start doubting yourself or your abilities, you will never achieve anything.”


“We all have the willingness and heart to make that small change each day, which will help the planet, and make our children feel proud of it.”


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